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When I arrived at the location I found the area spotless and very calming. The therapy room had a healing ambiance the second you walked in. Brian Kelly sat and asked me about my issues and immediately after just a few sessions I felt much better. He also offered solutions, and lifestyle tips that would sustain my recovery. I am now on a maintenance schedule. I highly recommend Enso acupuncture, and Brian Kelly to anyone, as a gifted healer, and acupuncturist.
— Catherine P.
Dr. Brian is knowledgeable and caring.  I had severe eye and head pain after a concussion. I went to see him for 4 months, once a week.  Each time he took away some of the pain. Since the treatment until now, I have no pain. Thank you, Dr. Brian.
— Ellen W.
I suffered from severe neurological damage as a result of a motor vehicle accident. The agonizing pain of “pins and needles” ascended distally, from my left shoulder, alongside the back of my arm, to my pinky finger, whenever I raised my arm above 45°. 

With two professions, a hairstylist,  and a voice-over artist, and my macrame hobby, I desperately needed immediate relief of the pain. My lifestyle was jeopardized, as all three of the above mentioned, required elevation of my hands beyond 45°.

My physician prescribed a series of epidural shots to relieve the swelling of the bulging disc which caused the pinched nerves. My X-rays, however, revealed a condition called Arnold Chiari’s deformity, a condition where the cerebellum portion of the brain sits lower than normal.  As I pursued this epidural treatment, the specialist warned that the shots would reduce the swelling of the bulging disc, causing the cerebellum to drop lower, perhaps, blocking the foramen canal which the spinal cord runs through. I refused the treatment, as this could possibly cause paralysis. At this time of desperation, I was referred to Brian Kelly and started my acupuncture treatments.


Brian’s needling technique is virtually painless. He goes directly to the points of my pain and I often tease him about his piercing, blue, X-Ray eyes. The treatments are so relaxing, I normally look forward to listening to my favorite music, enjoy quiet meditation, and sometimes I fall to sleep. Afterward, I experience immediate relief.


I have been in treatment for four months. The results are astounding. I no longer experience the effects of the pinched nerve, with the exception of an occasional slight tingling along the side of my hand. With his unique method, painless needling technique, soothing touch, and a calming spirit, I have full confidence, that tingling will inevitably disappear.

Brian Kelly’s acupuncture treatments have helped to restore my ability to practice the professions, hobbies and overall normalcy of lifestyle, that I so very much enjoy.  

Thanks, Brian

RATING (0-5)

— Millie J.
I first went to see Brian when I was developing tendinitis in my elbow.  As I am a massage therapist, this could have been a career-ending injury.  In just 2 sessions, he took away 90% of the pain, allowing my self-care to finish the job.  I’ve been to quite a few acupuncturists and Brian is now my go-to guy.  Not only is his treatment effective but I can’t even feel the needles going in.  This is a very good thing in my book!  I have enough faith in his treatment and professionalism that I refer my clients to him.  And anyone who relies on clients to make a living knows you don’t refer them out lightly!!!
— Leslie M.
After struggling with chronic tendonitis from typing in my elbows for 4+ years, I have *finally* found relief with Brian. I only wish I had found him sooner! Physical therapy, massages, cortisone injections, nothing would solve my typing-induced pain. But now as I type this, I’m pain-free. (Just have to make sure I don’t do it for too long in one sitting!)From the very first visit, Brian worked his magic on me. I was very curious to hear all about the techniques and understand what he was doing and he obliged me, explaining things in simple terms that us non-healers can understand. When he left me alone after my initial needle insertions to relax for about 20 minutes - well that is something I will never forget. I could literally feel my body syncing back up with itself. My legs and arms throbbed (in a nice, ‘this is working’ way’ in this beautiful rhythm. I’m a believer! I left feeling invigorated and slept that night more soundly than I had slept in a long time. And the next day, my arms felt fantastic. At that point, I was worrying so much about my arms hurting all day every day, but I remember that day - a Saturday - I went to a party and shopping and came home and thought ‘wow I didn’t think about my arms at once.’ So that’s my story.

Here are a few other things I’ll break out for you:

THE PROCEDURES: They don’t hurt, despite what you hear all the time. Brian is gentle and has a great, calm way about him. I feel more pain from bumps on the subway in rush hour. He tries different techniques too and is very innovative. In addition to typical needle insertion, he stimulates my inflammation and I feel an incredible twitch of release. He’s also treated me with Japanese techniques involving incense.

THE ACUPUNCTURIST: Brian is a true professional. Calm, caring and really into finding out just what your body needs. He asks questions, gives answers. He’s patient and someone I completely trust for my treatment. He’s also a fun guy to talk to. Ask him for restaurant recommendations!

THE LOCATION: This is a fantastic one. Near all the major train lines. I just changed jobs and had been coming from the far west side. Now I’m upcoming from around Rock Center and it’s just as convenient. Easy to find too. Nice, clean office, calm colors and very zen. Treat yourself and finally get relief for your problems. Or ward off new ones! My arms feel fantastic and I don’t plan to stop seeing him. There’s lots more treatments to be had for other ailments. And I plan on going back for regular restorative visits after my initial round of treatments is through. Go Enso!
— Emily F.
I had been experiencing chronic daily headaches for about a year when I went to see Brian at Enso Acupuncture & Healing Arts. I was completely drained of energy and in constant pain at this point. Brian did a thorough assessment on me prior to doing an acupuncture treatment. He managed to alleviate the pain and increase my energy level after the first treatment. My friends and family noticed a drastic change in me as my personality was restored to normal and the life came back into my eyes. Brian and Enso Acupuncture were able to help me in a way my neurologist was not able to.
— Heather G.
I have been receiving acupuncture treatment for almost twenty-five years for a myriad of health problems. In that time I have been a patient in N.Y.C., upstate New York, Long Island, Florida, and California and just like great teachers, there are only a few ones remembers. Brian Kelly is one of them. Not only is he a consummate professional but a gentleman and down to earth too. I highly recommend him if you are seeking help.
— Richard F.
I highly recommend Brian for acupuncture. He has treated me for the past year and is extremely talented and knowledgeable. Practicing Chinese and Japanese techniques he has helped me greatly improve my physical health and emotional well being.
— Steven B.
Brian Kelly is a very sensitive and compassionate practitioner.  He has treated me for a wide variety of issues from chronic liver disease, to knee pain to insomnia with great results.  I highly recommend him!
— Robin S.
I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatments, for the past five months, to minimize the appearance of a scar on my knee. My treatment is not finished yet, but I do see results thus far. My scar is not as raised and appears lighter and smoother. Brian Kelly is professional, knowledgeable, takes time to demystify the process of your treatment, and has a good bedside manner. I recommend him to all my friends who ask about acupuncture.
— Salina M.
I have been getting acupuncture treatments for over twenty years. It has become a vital part of my health care. I have seen several practitioners over the years. I have been seeing one acupuncture for the last fifteen years. She suggested I see Brian Kelly a couple of months ago when she was booked up. I have seen Mr. Kelly five times since. With all the experience I have had with acupuncture, I still am pretty much clueless with respects to how it works....but I know when it does. Mr. Kelly has a great touch. He is helping me get thru a recent hip is a great addition to my physical therapy. We have also been working on stress...and I have to say, I feel so centered and relaxed after his treatments.
— John W.